Bear Mascot Costume

Although bear is a kind of huge and dreadful animal in the real world, more and more people today tend to love bear as they know bear has a lovely, simple and honest image. No matter the kids, adults,old and young, every one likes bear! So, a bear mascot costume can be a indispensable good in our daily life!

Bear mascot costume can make your life more colourful and help you to be the twinkling star in cosplay party!

You could use the bear mascot costume in the following circumstance:

All sorts of exhibitions;

Different enterprises’ propaganda and promotion event at the mall or store;

The promotion event for recreational facilities and theme parks;

Parties, openings, sports meetings, wedding ceremonies and carnivals;

Kindergartens and public benefit activities.

Bear  mascot costume makes you vivid and the material is quite comfortable. Most of the time it comes with a plush jumpsuit with hands and feet the attached head,and zipper on the back. The head is shaped by special foam all covered with plush. The sole of the feet part is made of water-proof, skip-proof durable materials. The wearer could wear in with bare feet or with his own shoes. Usually custom-making is available for bear mascot.

If you like other animals such as cat mascots, dog mascots, dragon mascots, you could also to pay close attention to us ,there must be what you want!

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