Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

Girls can check out plenty of Halloween costume ideas at online stores that are not only limited to Disney, princesses and fairies. The disguise is supposed to be full of fun and excitement while promising to trick and treat people on the special occasion. Here are some interesting ideas for girls.

Ideas drawn from Gothic themes have never ceased to fascinate girls and they usually have a vampire in them. It is made from black crushed panne and the lace is trimmed to give an antique look with silver buttons. With a lace petticoat, tulle and a velvet choker, the entire look is complete and the costume is a favorite with girls. Girls Halloween costume ideas also make merry of the cheerleaders and the blushing bride while losing none of its cuteness.

If your daughter likes a Gothic mummy outfit for more fun, you can get her a dress which comes with a petticoat, a matching corset, drapes for more drama during the Halloween party. From the famous Addams Family TV show, the Wednesday Addams character is popular and girls love to dress up like the darkest and youngest child on TV. If you are planning a family costume idea, you can easily match the Addams character dress with Uncle Fester, Gomez and Morticia as well.

If your daughter loves a swinging and dancing theme from the 50s or 60s retro look, you could go for poodle skirts. Even though the idea was popular long ago, they are still a rage at parties and figure high among the girls Halloween custom ideas. The swinging poodle skirt is great for dancing to pop music and is available in several colors and designs. Made from lightweight felt, the poodle skirt is excellent as it has a small waist with a wide circle at the bottom to make grooving easy.

Young girls look great in them and they love it as they can play like grownups on Halloween night. She could also wear her Bobbie socks which can be paired with saddle shoes while her hair can be tied into a ponytail with the help of a lacy scarf. The dress is very adorable and equally popular among children and adults. If your daughter is a little grown up, she would love the sexy poodle skirt that is a couple of inches shorter above the knees.

You can use a newly purchased red cape for Halloween to create story book ideas like Snow White, Alice in Wonderland or Little Red Riding Hood. For a villainy look, you can check out the Queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Any cartoon character for the event can easily be opted for by girls with some jewelry, a wig, a cape or a headband.

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