Is Little Girl Lingerie Crossing the Line?

Crossing the line? But some companies have found new business way to invest little girl lingerie. This might have been fashion’s youngest summer on record.

After catapulting tweens Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld into style stardom with magazine covers and ad campaigns, the industry turned its attention to 10-year-old Thylane Loubry Blondeau, whose suggestive magazine photos sparked a media maelstrom over how young is too young for girls to look sexy.

Now Fashionista may have found the conversation’s next talking point: a French lingerie company aimed at young girls. Called Jours Après Lunes, the brand features bras and panties for girls ages four to twelve (“filles” and “femmes”) and a “loungerie” line for girls ages three months to 36 months (“bebes”).

While the baby stuff is fairly innocuous (think cute diaper covers and onesies), the items intended for “filles” and “femmes” are more questionable. The strappy pink bra tops and matching tulle-trimmed bra and panty sets are modeled by very young girls, their hair teased up and cheeks covered in rouge.

With grown-up styling and poses, are the young models in Jours Après Lunes’ product shots just cute filles romping around in their undies? Or are these little girls parroting the sexy looks of women twice their age?

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One Response to “Is Little Girl Lingerie Crossing the Line?”

  1. Uncle G.说道:

    You can see on almost any beach or poolside kids wearing much less textile. The problem is not with the models, photographers, or those who sell and advertise these products, but with those who find this outrageous, just because THEY feel “something” about the models. If they feel dirty, why do they have the urge to spit this dirt back to the models?

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