Sexy Lingerie Gifts

womens sexy lingerie

There is a wide variety of sexy lingeries styles available to suit every taste and preference, and many of these styles are also comfortable. The most important information you need is the woman’s correct clothing size. Buying someone a size S when she is actually M or L can appear insulting, even if you mean well, so do your research beforehand.

Sexy Teddies & Babydoll

Buying a lingerie gift can be intimidating simply because the names of different types of garments can be so cryptic. For instance, what are teddies, and what are babydoll? A teddy is a bodysuit or leotard, usually with some amount of lace, and a baby doll is a short nightgown-type garment with an empire waist. These are usually sheer, and constructed from lightweight, floaty material.

Fancy Underwear

Any woman will appreciate a gift that’s both sexy and functional. Consider contributing to her underwear collection with a handful of thongs or low-rise bikini briefs. Thong underwear is a great addition to a woman’s closet, because it can be worn discreetly underneath tight-fitting clothing without creating the dreaded visible panty line, or VPL. Look for an all-lace thong with a wide waistband — this is the most comfortable kind.

Bridal Lingerie

Bridal lingerie is a common go-to gift for bachelorette parties in honor of the impending nuptials. Bridal lingerie encompasses a broad range of lingerie gifts that run the gamut from soft and comfortable bathrobes to garters and negligees. Many companies offer personalized options, allowing the gift-giver to monogram or emblazon the gift with the future bride’s married name or a “Just Married” message.

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