Victorian Dresses for May 1881


The figure to the left highlights an Iris Promenade Toilette of blue satinette, trimmed with plaid. The jacket is fastened by a belt while the sleeve consists of puffs, plisses, and cuffs. The basque is edged by a band of plaid, opened on each hip, and trimmed with aiguillettes and cord. The skirt is composed of a pleated flounce, edged with plaid and a drapery caught by gathers rather high on the right side and lower on the left. The back is well draped. This Victorian dress requires 12 yards of satinette, 2 1/2yards of plaid fabric and is trimmed with 18 buttons.

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The center figure features a Maynard Visite Mantilla of cachemire de l’Inde, trimmed with Spanish lace, fringe, and satin bows. It will take2 yards of cachemire de l’Inde, 7 yards of fringe, 12 yards of Spanish lace, and 4 yards of ribbon.

The figure to the right is costumed in a Curzon Afternoon Dress of drab cashmere trimmed with brown plush. The body is pointed in front and forms a slight coat tail behind. The overskirt is well draped over a plisse underskirt. The whole toilette looks very elegant and stylish. Quantities required: 13 yards of cashmere; 2 yards of plush; 12 buttons.


To the left we see a Badminton Lawn Tennis Costume, composed of a triple-flounced underskirt with an overskirt elegantly draped to the front and back. The round jacket is  ornamented with an elegant and suitably designed sleeve. This Victorian Lawn Tennis ensemble will require 8 yards of satinette for the skirt and sleeves; 6 yards of pompadour; and 12 buttons.

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The center Steenbock Afternoon Visiting Toilette is of mousseline de laine and satin. The jacket is very elegant, trimmed with revers behind and a satin collar and satin puffs at sleeves. The overskirt is gathered under a loop of satin on the right side. At the left side it flows gracefully over the underskirt, which is made of alternate pleats of satin and mousseline de laine. At the back the skirt is ornamented with three mousseline plisses. The Victorian afternoon dress will take 6 yards of double-width mousseline de laine; 4 1/2 yards of satin; and 18 buttons.

The Vera Carriage Toilette on the right features blue pompadour and gold-colored satinette, trimmed with broderie Anglaise. This toilette is very simple: it is composed of a jacket trimmed with a band of satinette and embroidery. The back forms a plisse while the overskirt is draped elegantly on each side over a plain skirt that is ornamented by a band like the jacket and overskirt. Quantities required: 9 yards of pompadour; 2 yards of satinette; and 14 yards of embroidery.


The figure to the left features a Young Lady’s Promonade Toilette of mauve cashmere. The body is cut en pointe at the back, and has two points in front. The tablier is composed of double draperies, crossing in front on a plisse petticoat of spotted material. The cuffs and collar of this young lady’s Victorian dress match. It will take 8 yards of cashmere; 6 yards of spotted material; 12 buttons; and 2 yards of ribbon.


The Santurce Reception Toilette in the center is of black satin, trimmed with passementerie. The body forms a jacket in front while at back it is gathered and falls very elegantly on the skirt. The jacket is ornamented at the end of the gathers by a large bow and long ends while the front is very gracefully draped on the plisse underskirt. The whole is ornamented with rich passementerie. Quantities required: 24 yards of satin; 19 yards of, or 18 yards of cashmere; 5 yards of pastementerie; 3 yards of sash ribbon; and 12 buttons.

The Brooke Dinner Toilette on the right is of pink crepon de l’Inde. This elegant toilette is composed of a body with waist-band and skirt all in one. The front is well draped on an underskirt bouillonne, and gathered. The back of the body is plisse, and gathered. The fulness is caught up here and there on the underskirt and ornamented with bows and bands of satin ribbon. This Victorian dress will take 14 yards of crepon de l’Inde; 6 yards of satin ribbon; and 8 buttons.



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