About Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses feature  a long, sweeping skirt that comes close to touching the ground, they first began appearing on celebrities like Mary Kate Olsen and Mischa Barton, and quickly grew popular. Today thousands of women are embracing this look because everyone can wear it, whether they’re super skinny or a bigger size. With the right accessories this look can easily be worn day and night.

The top part of maxi dresses can vary dramatically, from having a halter neckline to a strapless look. The one thing they all have in common is that the top of the dress is usually fitted closely to the body. It also doesn’t contain any sleeves because it’s meant to be a little cooler and easier to wear. Most of the dresses have a banded waistline to make the stomach look smaller.

Maxi dresses are created to look good on all types of women, regardless of their body types. A pregnant woman can wear it as easily as a plus-size woman or a woman who’s relatively thin. Many of these dresses were designed with features that emphasize the bust line, while making the lower half of the bottom look smaller. Another benefit to maxi dresses is its versatility. It’s just as popular during the winter months as it is during the warmer months.

Experts recommend that shoppers look for maxi dresses that are neutral in color and avoid those with brighter colors or a loud pattern. This ensures that the user can keep wearing the dress even after the trend starts to fade. Neutral colors can also be dressed up with different accessories to create a variety of looks. They also recommend the versions with a halter neckline as opposed to the strapless versions, because these look more classic and timeless.

Maxi dresses look great on their own, but they look even better with a few accessories. Stylists and professionals in the fashion world urge wearers to look for shoes with a chunky heel to carry over the clunky and oversized look of the dress. To dress up the maxi for a nighttime event, they should opt for thinner shoes such as thongs, especially those with metallic details. Other accessories such as jewelry should be kept minimal and not draw attention away from the dress.

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