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Fabulous Downton Abbey Costumes (PHOTOS)

Biltmore announces a new exhibition, “Dressing Downton: […]

Ladies’ Evening Dress

Ladies’ evening dress of the 1890s highlights an hourgl […]

Victorian Ball Dress – 1844-48

Evening gowns of the mid-1840s were worn off the should […]

Victorian Robe

During the last quarter of  the nineteenth century robe […]

How to Have a Victorian Ball

It was in the ballroom that Victorian society was on it […]

Victorian Dresses for May 1881

  The figure to the left highlights an Iris Promen […]

Victorian Bustle: Hidden Secret Behind the 1880s Silhouette

By the 1880s, the soft curve bustle dresses of the earl […]

Childrens Fancy Dress Costumes

Elaborate fancy dress or masquerade parties were popula […]

1830s Outerwear Victorian Dress

Pelisses were made to fit the shape exactly and were us […]

Celebrate your Wedding

Sometime soon, you’re going to stand together to […]