Best Plus Size Wedding Dress

Every woman wants to look her absolutely best on their weddings, no matter what size she happens to be. So if you are a plus sized bride who is planning for an upcoming wedding, there are several styles of plus size wedding dresses that you should keep in mind that will highlight your beauty in the most flattering ways.

Natural Waistline Dresses

One of the main targets for a plus sized bride is to downplay her hips, natural waistline dresses are good choice to achieve this look. Dresses with a natural waistline are often paired by a fuller skirt which is great for camouflaging wider hips. Fuller skirts are very elegant on a plus sized bride but be careful when considering the ball gown dresses with a natural set waist as these skirts tend to be much fuller than necessary and can actually add a heaviness to your figure that’s not always flattering.

Drop Waistline Dresses

This style of gown sets the waist of the dress a few inches below your natural waist and will help the petite bride achieve the illusion of a long lean torso. Pairing this dress with a more sensible high heel shoe will not only make you appear taller in person but it will also help create thinner body lines and keep you looking great in your bridal pictures.

Empire Waistline Dresses

For the plus sized woman who has a smaller bust, an empire waist wedding dress is an elegant way to bring a more proportional look to the body. This style of gown creates a faux waist that sets anywhere from a few inches above the natural waist to right under the bust. This creates an illusion of length and brings the eye up towards the bust and neck area which helps to effectively camouflage a thicker midsection and give proportion to bottom heavy figures.

Asymmetrical Waistline Dresses

This type of gown suits particylarly for taller plus sized women, it has an uneven waistline that starts higher on the body on one side and gradually swoops to the natural waistline on the other. Although this look is flattering on the majority of plus sized woman, shorter brides may want to avoid it because the lengthened torso of this style can make other areas of your body appear shorter.

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