Clothing and Fashions of the Edwardian Era

With shows and movies like Downton Abbey making a splash in pop culture, Edwardian clothing has soared in popularity. However, there is an important history to Edwardian clothing that is sometimes forgotten. Edwardian clothing allowed women to stray away from the constricting and unhealthy Victorian corset. This style offered more comfortable, versatile clothes that let women remain active.


The Edwardian era began in 1901, and its styles strayed away from the previously established norms of the last 100 years. More so than in the Victorian era, it was common to see Edwardian women sporting blouses and skirts instead of full ensembles. Women also commonly wore natural-waist dresses that didn’t require hoops or as many petticoats as traditional Victorian clothes. In fact, some were completely straight sheath dresses that required few (if any) petticoats. This was incredibly important to note as women’s fashion continued to change and skirts eventually became shorter in the 1920s. will be able to help you with any Edwardian clothing that you may want for your next Downton Abbey party, Somewhere in Time gathering, or historical reenactment. No matter the kind of dress you’re looking for, Recollections will have it in stock or will be able to create it for you. We even have the Edwardian accessories, like fans, gloves, and parasols, to make your look as accurate as possible. We even have the flamboyant hats complete with feathers and bows that will make your look authentic. Begin searching here for your next Edwardian clothing look and then complete it with accessories from all over our website!

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