Gothic Lolita Style

Concise Gothic Lolita Dressing Guide

Nowadays, the so-called Gothic Lolita dresses, firstly invented by Japanese youth in the Harajuku area of Tokyo several years ago, has been receiving global popularity simply because lots of people want to make themselves costumes “Kawaii” and “Moe”. Actually, the Gothic Lolita dresse is very specific and is based on combining elements of the “Lolita” (young girl) images and Gothic costumess. If you are an advocator of “Lolita Fashion”, here are basically 5 key- points to support your Gothic Lolita Emulate fashion of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.Dresses, the foundation of Gothic Lolita dress, are reminiscent from these eras, upon which the style is based. Gothic Lolita dresse prefer to dress themselves like Victorian children or dolls made out of porcelain. To achieve that effect with least cost, getting your Gothic Lolita make-up items from Lolita dresses online wholesalers such as rococgirl, milanoo and lolitaway is indispensable. As a result, your costumes will be very youthful, innocent, and a little bit seductive at the same time.2. Wear Lolita dresses with lace, trims, and ribbons.The Gothic Lolita dresse costumes has a hyper girly aspect, which greatly contributes to its elegance and cuteness. Therefore, maid dresses with lace, ribbons, trims and frills are always in full force when people intend to dress in the Lolita dress way. For example, the one pictured to the left is one of the classic dresses of Gothic Lolita dress and can be seen in most cosplay shows and comic & anime exhibitions. Furthermore, petticoat and crinoline are often added to skirts while stockings and over-knee socks are also quite popular. Additionally, tights are usually black or white.3.Wear High Heel Lolita dress Shoes It’s a common understanding for Lolita cosplayers to wear high heel shoes, which is best for Gothic Lolita dresse to enhance their youthful, schoolgirl-like costumes. To make full use of it, you should also practice walking and running like the schoolgirls do everyday, which is not easy for most adult coser. Not only do Gothic Lolita dress often wear Mary Janes, their favorites include high boots and platform shoes as well. The only difference between the two hobbies is that the later one costumess a little bit mature. 4. Combine black and white The combination of black and white is the ever-existing foundation upon which Gothic Lolita style is based. Although nowadays other colors like pink and red are also often included in Lolita item designs, many Lolita fans still highlight the importance of black and white combination. The reasons why Lolita fans adopt the element of pink mainly lies in that it can promote childlike “Lolita” aspect, which is quite cute and lovely, to the costumes, However, the mainstream is still black & white.5. Don’t forget to add accessories.Dresses and shoes are certainly not enough for complete Gothic Lolita dresse. You still need to employ Lolita accessories. Gothic Lolita are typically adorned in a lot of accessories, which includes parasols, miniature top hats, lace headdresses and so on. The more, the merrier. Stuffed animals such as teddy bears and bunnies are also common items for a Gothic Lolita.
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