How to Be a Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita refers to a Japanese fashion subculture that combines gothic, Victorian and Late Baroque styles. Gothic Lolita girls often appear both dark and cute, pairing heavy, black eyeliner with short ruffled skirts and frilly knee-length socks. The cartoonish street style first emerged in the late 1990s and has since spread to North America through its depictions in Japanese movies, animations and comic books. Nowadays as wearing gothic lolita has become a new trend, it may be more fun to create your own look, follow our step below and start to learn something interesting.

First step, look for Japanese animations, movies, comic books and fashion magazines to get an inspiration. Japanese fashion — whether Gothic Lolita or not — differs greatly from American fashion. Cuteness is an essential element in almost all Japanese youth fashion, so you must think beyond the usual gothic look.

Then mix and match your clothes. Gothic Lolita outfits can be very complicated with ribbons and laces. Wear tailored clothes with a solid bodice, but keep the skirt above the knees. Gothic Lolita outfits are often all black or predominantly black.

Accessorize with frilly, girlie things. Sew lace along the edges of your collar and cuffs. Tie a ribbon around your neck and make a large bow. Enhance the look with all kinds of Victorian and Rococo-inspired accessories, such as laced gloved, crinoline, bustles, umbrellas and hats. Combine these with silver crosses and other traditional gothic accessories.

And the last step, wear dark makeup. Dark eye shadow and eyeliner are common among Gothic Lolita girls, but not dark lipstick. In fact, many Gothic Lolita girls wear only light pink lip gloss or no lipstick at all. Gothic Lolita girls also refrain from wearing white foundation. The goal is to look innocent, with just a touch of gothic darkness.

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