How to Buy a Wedding Dress

Might you have to think about buying a wedding dress when your wedding ceremony is months away, might you can find a good one in a short time with panic, but we suggest you to go eat some lunch, discuss it with family or friends and then come back to make your purchase. Once you put money down on a special order, the dress is yours, so don’t rush your decision and then be regretful.

Most manufacturers will allow you to lengthen a train, shorten a train, take off some beads, or add beads. If there is something you would love to add/change to your dress just ask the salesperson.

You have decided on your perfect wedding dress and now it is time to order it. Make sure you write down the style number, color, and size and copy it, this way you have proof of what was supposed to be ordered.

In the next couple of days after you place your order and get an estimated delivery date. This way you can be sure they ordered it. These are estimated dates not actual dates. No one can give you an actual date. This is the real world and things do happen.

Sometimes when a dress came and unpacked, we will find dirt or stains in the dress. We notify the manufacturer immediately and they provide us with a new dress at no extra charge. If your dress came in from the manufacturer stained or dirty you should have no problem requesting a new one. If, in fact, the manufacturer never ordered you a new dress and are trying to pass the floor sample on to you, you have every right to demand your money back or if it would satisfy you, to have the dress cleaned at their expense. Always make sure you do it as soon as you can when your special order dress comes in, including your bridesmaid dresses as well. If you go in immediately then you can still get the manufacturer to replace the dress if anything is wrong. Usually most manufacturers give the shop one to two weeks to notify them if something is wrong. After the certain time frame there is nothing you can do to request a new dress if something is wrong.

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