How to Buy Sexy Lingeries for Ladies

The right lingerie can make a woman feel confident and sexy. If chosen badly, it can make a woman feel awful, not only about herself but you too. First and foremost it’s important to remember that this gift is for her – not you.

It’s a fairly universal fact that women are touchy when it comes to their clothing size. Buy sexy lingerie too small and she will not only be unable to fit in it, but she’ll feel fat. Buy to big and she’ll think you think she’s fatter than she is. To avoid this pitfall, have a peak in her drawers to find out her bra, pant and clothing sizes.

There’s a fine line between sexy and flirty and it’s different for every woman. If you can speak to your girlfriend or wife beforehand and look at lingerie catalogs with her, you will soon figure out what she desires.

Consider your lover’s bedroom personality when choosing your garment. Is she a vamp or a coy seductress? If she’s adventurous, you could look at saucier items such as leather or pvc.

The colour of the garment should please both of your tastes. Most men long for red garments, however you must bear in mind your partners favourite colours.

Think about your lover’s body and how she views herself. If she’s not confident about her breast size, you might want to look for a garment with some padding or one that draws attention elsewhere, like a padded babydoll. A larger woman, on the other hand, may want the attention diverted from her hips to her breasts with a corset set.

Lingerie can make a woman feel sensuous so choosing the correct material is important. It is sexy to the touch? Don’t be frugal. Nice lingerie can be expensive, but it’s designed to be more flattering, fits better and is made of better materials. A decent pair of panties can cost $20.00.

After you have purchased your pieces, don’t ruin all your effort by presenting it badly. Present it in a tissue-paper lined box or a gift bag to ensure she’ll be wowed when she gets her gift.

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