How to Choose a Corset

Breathe in deep, because corsets are all the rage. They aren’t just underwear anymore. Paired with a cute skirt or stylish pants, they look fresh and flattering for a night out. Below are tips you need to think over when choosing corsets.

Consider how often you will be wearing the corset. If you plan to wear one daily, avoid tight-laced items which constrict your waist and breathing! For occasional wear, a waist-cincher is ideal, such as an hourglass shape.

Think about why you will be wearing your corset. Is it for reshaping of the body or more for costuming? You might consider a corset with extra reinforcing, seaming, piecing and boning can transform your hips, abdomen and bottom.

Decide on your fabric. Corsets are available in many materials including: pvc, leather and satin. Satin corsets offer the customer a wide color palette. For the plus-size woman, leather offers a bit of stretch and can be more comfortable.

Height is always a consideration when purchasing an over-bust corset. If you are tall, you may need to order a ‘long’ version. Under-bust corsets, however, fit all heights.

Sizing for corsets varies from maker to maker. If you are a 38C, choose a 38. If you’ve been blessed with breasts larger than a D cup, it’s always wise to go up one number, so a 40E should purchase a 42.Sizing a corset is simple. The size numbers refer to bust size. If you are a bust size 40C or D, you would wear a size 40 corset.

If you are purchasing your product without having a chance to try it on first, such as online, it’s always best to contact the seller before purchasing with your bust and waistline measurements.

A corset can enhance any bust if you choose well, no matter what your cup size. An over-bust corset provides supports the bust while providing support. It can create the illusion of an ample cleavage. However, for the woman with the fuller bust, this may be constricting. Larger- breasted women will feel more comfortable in a corset which is under-bust. It does not provide support for the breasts, but by smoothing down the ribcage, it can minimise the bustline.

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