How to Choose the Right Maxi Dress for Your Figure

Maxi dresses are in style again! A style pioneered in the 1960s and 1970s, ankle-length maxi dresses are in theory designed to suit women of all body shapes. In practice, however, this is not usually the case. Typically, this style looks best on women of tall and slim stature.So choose the right maxi dress for your figure before you buy it’s quite necessary.

Women under around 5’10” that wear maxi dresses can often look shorter or wider than they actually are, while others with a fuller-figure often feel that they give no definition to their body shape.

If your dress size is a 16 or over, there are certain features of maxi dresses that you should think about avoiding. For example, stay away from halter-neck variations if you have a large bust because this style has the potential to make you look more top-heavy. Instead, look for maxi dresses with a scoop or v neck and sleeves up to the elbow or mid-upper arm. These features will flatter your assets rather than over-emphasise them. You should also avoid maxi dresses made out of knitted or jersey materials. These fabrics will cling to your body and accentuate any bulges. Instead, opt for loose cotton or cotton-feel materials during the day and silk for eveningwear, as these will softly frame your figure rather than squeezing it.

Women who measure under 5’10” in height should also pay attention to certain rules when buying a maxi dress. Patterns that run vertically instead of horizontally, for instance, can counteract the shortening qualities of the average maxi dress. What’s more, features that expose some leg can also add height to shorter maxi dress wearers – examples include side slits up to the knee or thigh, or hemlines that are shorter at the front than at the back. However, more often than not, inches are best added by wearing a good pair of high heels, ideally ones that are chunky or wedged and can stand up to the powerful presence of the maxi dress. If you have long hair, consider styling it in an up-do as well for added height.

For those that fall into both of these categories, there is one more important tip to bear in mind when wearing maxi dresses: separating the bust area from the skirt. Many maxi dresses are styled with an empire waist line, which has slimming and height-adding properties. But if the maxi dress you’ve got your eye on doesn’t have one of these, try adding your own belt instead in order to create a visible waistline and the illusion of longer legs.

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