How to Hem a Evening Dress

Maybe many people are able to sew, but have either never learned how or have forgotten the basics. Sewing a hem is a good opportunity to learn how to sew or to refresh your skills because it’s not too difficult. If you’ve found the perfect evening dress but it’s too long, you may hesitate before buying it — after all, it can be costly to have alterations done professionally. Knowing how to shorten it yourself is the perfect solution. But before you attempt to hem something as special as an evening dress, unless you’re an expert, it’s wise to practice on something less expensive.

First, try the dress on with the shoes and bra you intend to wear with it. Hang the dress on a hanger for several hours before you begin to turn it up.

Second, pin up the hem. This is much easier to do if you have somebody pin it up for you. Stand on a high surface, such as a table. Ask your helper to pin the hem up to the appropriate length, placing the pins in a horizontal line and lining up the seams. Get her to measure the distance between the edge of the dress and the floor to ensure that the hem is even. If you don’t have a helper, either measure the length you want from the waist down and mark the dress, or use a skirt marker, which will make marking the hem evenly easier.

Third, carefully take the dress off and turn it inside out. Set the iron at a low setting and iron along the edge. Fold over a 1/4 inch at the top of the hem, so it won’t fray. Using a hem stitch, sew along the top of the hem. With a hem stitch, you pick up just a tiny bit of the fabric you’re sewing the hem to. This makes the hem almost invisible, particularly if the thread you’re using is an exact match.

At last, iron the hem again from the inside. Check for evenness and for any loose threads.

Have you already learned the skills? Very easy to follow our tips you’ll find.

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