How to Store a Wedding Dress

Once the wedding is over, one pressing question is what to do with the dress. Many people elect to save their wedding dresses as heirloom. Professional preservation can be costly and may be dangerous to delicate fabrics. Storing your gown at home is more cost-effective, but if it is done incorrectly it can ruin the fabric. Storing a bridal dress correctly can make the difference between preserving your gown for future generations or destroying the material and fabric.

Take the dress to the cleaner. Sweat, stains, and residue from wearing the gown will cause problems for the fabric and may weaken or damage it as the fabric ages. Having the dress cleaned as soon as possible prevents damage from accumulating.

Choose how the dress will be stored. Boxed or hanger storage are popular options, depending upon what type of storage space you have available. These options will allow the fabric to breathe and prevent moisture from accumulating in the storage area, which can destroy fabric over time.

Pack the dress in an acid-free cardboard box and line the interior with acid-free tissue or storage paper if you choose box storage. Fold the dress carefully into the lined box, making sure creases are soft and any embellishments or colored areas have tissue paper layered between them. When closing the box, do not use an airtight seal or wrap as this can cause moisture to accumulate.

Select a wide hanger with soft padding for closet storage. Hang the dress on the hanger, taking care the folds of the skirt are not wrinkled or obstructed. Wrap the gown in a cloth cover made of unbleached cotton or muslin to keep dust out. Plastic covers will collect moisture and cause your gown to rot.

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