How to Wear a Wedding Veil

how to wear a wedding veil

Wedding veils come in a variety of lengths and designs, before you select a veil, you should first determine how you would like to wear your hair on your wedding day — in an up-do or down. Also, keep in mind that different lengths of veils are intended to be worn in specific ways. Also consider whether you want to wear a blusher veil, partially or completely cover your face, depending on which style you choose.


Layered veils generally have two to three layers of material, with the top layer used as a blusher to cover your face when you walk down the aisle. A normal blusher is between 25 and 30 inches long, with the rest of the veil being any length that you desire. Layered veils with blushers are typically worn on the center top of the head and secured with a comb that’s attached to the veil material.


A common type of veil today is the short, non-layered veil. This type of veil is worn at the center back of the head, or above or below a bun. These types of veils are kept in place with a comb on the veil, or with a hat pin that’s inserted into the hair through a pin curl. Shorter veils typically range in length from 18 to 36 inches.


A fingertip veil extends from the top of the bride’s head to her fingertips, while a knee-length veil is approximately 45 inches long, depending on the bride’s height. Both types of medium-length veils are made for wear on the top, center back, or back bottom of the head. Hold them in place with combs, hat pins or clips and concentrate on how you look in the mirror from both a front view and a side view. When placing a mid-length veil on your head, consider whether or not you want a particular part of the back of your wedding dress to be showing and adjust the veil’s placement accordingly.


Several styles of longer veils exist, including the waltz-length and regal-length. The waltz-length veil commonly extends down to the bride’s calves. Regal-length veils, on the other hand, are at least 144 inches long. Because of the length and weight of these types of veils, they’re normally secured with combs or hat pins inserted through pin curls.

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