News for Lady Gaga’s Youtube

Lady Gaga, long beeing the Queen of YouTube. Her videos have racked up more than a billion views on the site and fans have flocked to it in droves to post their home-brewed takes on her outfits, fashion, music and videos.

But little monsters who were looking for their daily fix of Gaga were likely disappointed when they went to Mother Monster’s YouTube account and found the following message, “This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s Copyright Policy,” and mainly resulted from a matter that she posted footage from her recent appearance on the Japanese show “SMAP x SMAP,” on the Fuji TV network.

During her ten minute set she performed a medley of songs featuring Born This Way, You & I and The Edge of Glory.

Lady Gaga has two YouTube accounts, the Vevo account where her music videos often debut, and “ladygagaofficial”, which is the one that got suspended.Footage of that performance has since been removed from other websites as well as YouTube.

Interscope, the singer’s record label and publicist, has yet to comment.

Gaga’s HBO concert special Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden on Thursday earned five Emmy Award nominations.

But later in the evening the account was back to normal, Lady Gaga’s official YouTube channel has been restored after it was blocked over a copyright dispute.

The Google Inc. owned YouTube channel declined to comment. Its policy is to remove accounts after three copyright violations.

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