Who was Marie Antoinette

On April 21, 1770, fifteen-year-old Marie Antoinette left home and traveled to France. She had always lived a royal life . Her prents were the emperor and empress of Austria.The young archduchess was leaving behind her beloved homeland. She was engaged to marry Louis Auguste,the future king of France.

Marie Antoinette rode in a jeweled coach amid a parade of more than fifty other carriages. Hairdressers, chefs, and other attendants traveled with her for the two-and-a-half-week journey.Peasants cheered along the road between Vienna, Austria , and Strasbourg ,France.They hoped to catch  a glimpse of the young  bride-to-be.

The royal procession reached the Rhine River, where a new building stood on an island. Marie Antoinette said good-bye to the Austrian people who had traveled with her.When she entered the building,she had to take off all of her Austrian clothes.She was given a French Gown made of golden Fabric.She wasn’t allowed to bring anything from Austria into France,not even Mops, Her  little pug dog.

In an official ceremony ,she was handed over to the French. When she opened the doors on the side of the building that face France, crowds of noblemen and noblewomen greeted her. Marie Antoinette cried , but she tried to be brave.The whole city of Strasbourg held a holiday in Marie Antoinette’s honor. A French procession of carriages then carried the to her new busband and her new life at the grand palace of Versailles (ver-SIGH).

Marie Antoinette Became the queen of France while still only a teenager.She had no idea how to be a good leader. Many people in france were poor. They had to pay high taxes. Their Taxes went to the royal family. Some of the money was spent running the government.But plenty was also spent on gowns, jewels , parties, and fancy palaces. The common people became angry with their king and queen for wasting money while they had so little. By the end of Marie Antoinette’s life. the French people were cheering for her death.

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