How about one year olde


My bitthday past a couple days,and there is something what I thought.Among the main reasons for delaying in writing were poor of my English.

Age and Mind

As I was little,I would image how about was during the twentys.Life would be free,bright,and full of energy,and I would be independence,lovely woman,or anything could take control.but it’s opposite.I am disappointed in this situation for my life.

I don’t afraid get older at this moment,but I scare my mind doesnot match my age.No matter who you are,there are diverse characters to take you to act,and make you know how exactly about the life or about ourselves.I really know it isnot mature enough for me.So my age becomes a concept getting more and more special,and it’s hard to make words to express.The next year is the Chinese zodiac calendar which is the tiger,which is my year,and one cycle of my life.How to create a better cycle in my life becomes new topic.

Around me

Last weekend we,classmates of college,gathered again since graduation.What a nice gathering!Over the students’life nearly one year,some topic I always think about,just study,career,life,family,friends or even more.It’s perhaps no answers but the time.time will give the answers as long as it isnot too late.

Some changes have happened,about me,and others around.Perhaps it isnot only just by person themselves,but also by environment.and it is going on.Well,thank you everyone.Thank you for your wishes and presents.I am happy and feel warm.By the way,I take shame that I miss someones’bitthday or others else but who care about me.But I take all of these to my heart and try my best to do well.So…Thank you all the same.

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