My Favorite Dress

Finally back to blogging! Whew. It’s been a little longer than planned. Fortunately, I have been sewing all this time. *gaspeth!* It hasn’t been lolita related, but it’s been wonderful to get back to it. Apparently, I really needed the practice because I had initially lost the ability to sew straight lines! Not good. But I’m now getting back into the swing of things and should have finished products to post soon.

This weeks prompt for the Lolita Blog Carnival is your favorite dress. I really wanted to participate in this one even though I’m pretty sick this week. So it will be short.

I’ve talked about my favorite classic lolita dresses and skirts in this post here. Therefore, I decided to post my favorite gothic lolita dress by wholesalelolita.

I have always loved this dress. Sadly, these are the only two pictures of this dress I have. So if anyone has stock photos of this dress… *nudge nudge* ^_^ (Or even the name of this dress would be really helpful!)

I’m not sure why I love this dress. I’m usually a fan of well tailored dresses and not any sort of shirred number. However, this one just speaks to me. I love the old school white and black; especially the majority of the dress being white. I feel it can be worn so many ways. You can either stick with the white and black theme, or accent it with bright pops of color in your accessories. It can be more casual with a simple black bow headband in your hair or more opulent with a bonnet and loads of silver gothic themed jewelry.

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