How to Make Sexy Nurse Costumes

sexy nurse costume

Sexy nurse costumes are great for Halloween or for adult role-playing. You can make a sexy nurse costume from a second-hand nurse uniform or from a regular nurse costume with a little alteration. Follow these instructions to dress up like a sexy nurse.

First, purchase a standard nurse costume or uniform from a costume shop or from a uniform catalog. It won’t do to wear scrubs, even though a modern day nurse might wear scrubs. In order to be a sexy nurse, you’ll need the old-fashioned nurse dress.

Next, alter the dress to be form-fitting, and bring the skirt up as short as possible. You might want to pay a seamstress to do this tailoring. In many areas they charge $5 to $10 per seam, which is really worth it if you’re terrible at sewing and you want it to look right.

Then purchase a little white nurse hat. The nurse hat was traditionally worn through the sixties.

The forth step, style your hair into a sexy up do with wavy hanging tendrils. Wedge the little nurse hat in like a tiara, only further back.

The fifth step, wear sexy white high heels. You might even want to wear stockings with garters, if your skirt is short enough for the garters to show.

The last step, put a stethoscope around your neck.

Easy and interesting uh? You can try and be a sexy nurse for him.

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