How to Role-play With Sexy Lingerie

One of the relationships that can get old rather quickly is sex, so how to keep it lively and fresh? Role-play with sexy lingerie will put the spice back in the bedroom.

Take hints from romantic novels or movies that both you and your partner enjoy. Try being a princess, albeit a scantly clad one, that needs her prince to come and rescue her. You can be the maiden taken briskly away by her pirate lover. These fantasy worlds work well because they aren’t reality and they feel safe to discover together as you role-play with lingerie.

Put a little reality into your roles and pose as a wonderfully handsome gardener, pool boy or plumber. Take your pick as almost any trade has their share of sexual innuendos. Provide a lingerie outfit for the woman of the house and the blue-collar worker has a chance to slip into a sexy role-playing uniform as well. A little emphasis on the right words and the woman can pay her “hired” man a bonus.

Send your man to school for a little learning. That fantasy that every teenage boy has about their young English teacher can do wonders for imaginative role-play with sexy lingerie under a conservative schoolmarm outfit. It’s a subtle way to have the “teacher” be in control of an unruly student.

Clean up your act and the bedroom while wearing the tried and true French Maid costume. Although it’s from another time and place, the costume is still sexy as ever and drives almost every man crazy. This is the man’s chance to be in control and seduce a willing servant.

Look at lingerie designed for couples who want to experiment with role-playing. Specialty shops have dozens of pairs that can start the imagination running wild. Decide on your comfort level and what areas you want to explore together and what is off limits. With those guidelines, there’s a lot of room for experimentation as you role-play with lingerie.

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