Ladies’ Evening Dress

Guidelines for Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s 1890s Evening Attire

Ladies’ Evening Dress

Ladies’ Evening Dress

Ladies’ evening dress of the 1890s

highlights an hourglass figure and usually consists of a fitted bodice with and open neckline, the shoulder-line is on the shoulder, with sleeves ranging from extravagant puffs to small or even almost non-existent ruffles or lace. The skirt sweeps the floor and is A-line, usually cut in a circle with gored pattern pieces. Fabrics range from rich brocades and velvets to lightweight chiffons and organdies. Colors are deep rich jewel tones or light and youthful pastels. Trims can be rich, heavy, and historically influenced or very femminine and fluffy.

Components of an 1890s Evening Gown

BODICE: FIT:The bodice fits smoothly, with many shaped bodice pieces and boning on each seam.
NECKLINE: The neckline is open, scooped, vee, or square cut, not very low cut. The shoulder-line is on the shoulders to support the sleeves and not fall off the shoulder, and enhance the vertical and slim look of the bodice. The neckline usually has a drawstring for a snug fit.
WAISTLINE:The waistline is often pointed in front and back, can be slightly below the natural waist, or the waist can be cut straight at the waist, often with a sash. Princess-line gowns are cut with the bodice and skirt in one piece.
CLOSURE: The closure is in the center back or center front, with either hooks and eyes (most common) or center back lacing with hand sewn eyelette holes (not very common). Surplice wrap fronts are common, where the front overlaps on a diagonal (a nice style to facilitate later size alterations).
SLEEVES: The sleeves are extravagantly large puffed in the mid century, but during the decade they can range from huge puffs, small puffs, draped fabric, to simply a frill of cloth or lace.
TRIM: Very feminine lace flounces are popular, contrasting silk or ribbon sashes, panels or bows; beadwork.Ladies’ Evening Dress,Evening Gown,Event Gown,Funcation Gown, Holiday Gown

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